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new year, old goals

i first started this blog not long after i left the marriage that encompassed my twenties and overwhelmed my sense of self. i wanted to find my voice again. i also wanted to invite other voices to participate here, but so far that hasn’t happened. it’s possible my blog has never had the sort of focus that would create a space for other bloggers to contribute effectively. it’s also possible that my voice is the only dominant force here, to the exclusion of any unifying theme or format.

why do i blog here? i have a livejournal, but as friends abandoned that platform over the last few years, i did as well. LJ was good at a sense of community. i suspect wordpress is too large to do the same, or maybe it’s just structured differently enough that the focus is more on the writing than on the writer. that’s not necessarily bad. i feel less moored here. i feel as though i have less control over who sees what. maybe i should.

mostly here i do writing qua writing: poetry, stabs at short fiction, essays about whatever interests me at the moment. i frequently have The Feels on this blog. that can be an issue, because i like to write through my feelings, but i don’t always want to discuss the results with the people who read. i’m trying to remind myself that i don’t have to explain anything or reassure anyone.

wordpress is hosting a Blogging 101 course this month, so i’m going to try to follow along with the assignments. i won’t be perfect. i’m okay with that. all i’m doing here is practicing.


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