a promise for 2016

i have a habit-building app called Streaks on my phone. it gamifies all the little things you’re supposed to be doing regularly anyway. so if you have an exercise goal, for example, you can say you’re going to play tennis three times a week. if you achieve your goal for the week, you’ve started a streak. you keep it going by continuing. if you’re supposed to be doing something every day, and you miss a day, your streak starts over. but you can still look at all the days you accomplished something and feel good about it. so it’s motivating without feeling impossible.

i’ve been using it to remind myself to bathe and brush my teeth regularly. when your life involves a lot of staying home, it’s sometimes hard to come up with internal motivation to take care of yourself. so this provides a bit of external motivation.

today, i added a new item: Write a Thing. right now, it’s set for once a week. if i write something once a week that’s for me (work stuff doesn’t count), i get a checkmark, and i get to keep the streak going. it doesn’t have to be big; starting or adding to a draft of a poem will count. if i can write at least once a week for just a few minutes, that will be better than i have managed to do in a very long time.

some of it will be up here, since i barely used this thing this year. not all of it will be. so don’t take an absence of writing here as evidence that i have missed a week. but i do want to be held accountable. i can periodically talk about what i’m working on, what sorts of writing i’m doing, whether any of it is becoming public (reading at slams, publishing elsewhere), etc. i want to lay the groundwork for other goals of mine: developing an audience, qualifying for one of the bigger slams, publishing something somewhere, and eventually participating in a National Parks Service Artist-In-Residence program. (that one’s not happening this year. maybe by my 40th birthday i can start applying.)

(omg my 40th birthday is in just over 3 years. whoa.)

i also want to start sharing my writing with more people i know. i need to learn to live unafraid of what people will say or do. and the only way to do it is to do it. so if you’re reading this on facebook, hi. please do read back through past writing. don’t take it too literally, and realize that i may or may not elect to answer any questions you ask me about it.

this counts for today. check.


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